Friday, May 8, 2009

Its finally out! Not just one but 2!

So after several months with several loose teeth Hunter FINALLY lost his bottom tooth. When we were in Georgia with my brother the two of them were trying to tie his tooth to the hotel door knob and yank it out because it was so loose. Well last week Hunt ran through the door from school and said "look mom" and low and behold he got it out at school. This kid next to him told him to twist it and so that is what he did and out it came. Its fun when they loose teeth at school because the teacher makes a big deal about it and they send them to the office to get a cute little tooth box to keep it in. The tooth fairy even left him $5 that night (only because it was his 1st) then the next day he came home from school and saud "look mom" and the next tooth over was out too! So he has now lost 2 and I haven't been there for either one. Little bugger!