Sunday, November 30, 2008

So much to be Thankful For!

Once again another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I do have to say that this is one of my favorite holidays. I think mostly because I get to be with everyone I love and there are no worries of present buying, plus my hubby usually is home with me for 4 days in a row! YEAH!!!
This year we started with a 5k run/walk that was done right in our neighborhood to raise donations of food for the needy. It was gorgeous weather and we had a great time. Hunter ran the ENTIRE way. We then went to a great dinner put on my my dad's sister at her church house. I love to see all of my cousins, aunts & uncles and their kids and catch up. Then we spent the night at my parents and me and my sisters got up at 4:30 for our annual shopping adventure. I really didn't have much to buy but it is fun to be with my sisters. We spent the rest of the weekend as a family putting out all the Christmas decorations and shooting clay pigeons. When we woke up Thursday morning we all laid in our bed and said what we were thankful for. It went something like this: Hunter: Ridgey, Apsen, Mom, Dad, Lake Powell, Granny, Papa, Grandma Naeg, Panka, Grandma Tippets & Grandpa Naeg Justin: Only 2 things because without those nothing would be possible, Jori & My grandma & Grandpa Jori: A husband that works so hard for our family, down comforters, Tivo, blogs, sleeping past 7am!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pineapple Addicts

I had to just share a fun little blurb about our family. For a few years Justin and I have been buying whole pineapples from Costco. (they are around $3) Well our kids have fell in love for the tropical fruit as much as us. It has become quite the event to cut the pineapple up. Each kid now uses their own knife and we whip out the big cutting board and cut away. I always get a large bowl out to put it in but we end up only filling it up half full because the kids eat so much of it. As you can see we are training Aspen for the days to come!

I'm a a big boy now!!!

Well on Monday our sweet Ridge turned 2! So this gives me a great chance to brag him up a bit. Our sweet boy was born via c-section at 8:47 am on November 10th 2006. He made his debut into the world after a bit of a struggle. He simply didn't want to come out. Even though I had a c-section they couldn't get his bit head out. During my entire pregnancy I kept saying how big he felt in my stomach compared to Hunter. he felt so long and so heavy. The doctor predicted that he would weigh about 7 lbs. I kept telling Justin he is going to be 9 lbs. So after they got him out (after 20 minutes of 2 doctors pushing on my belly and pulling on his head and the use of the vacuum) out he came and the doctor said "you are going to have to name him buba!" He was the baby of my dreams. Anyone who knows me well knows I always talked about wanting a chubby little butterball (just like I was). And guess what he was 9lbs even! The kid was an eater and nursed nonstop for 9 months! He was the brother of Hunter's dreams and they are the cutest little friends. Justin and I are always commenting on how well the play together.

Ridge is the most polite easy child now. He says thank you after dinner, throws away his garbage in the garbage can without being asked, says please for everything, closes the screen door when he goes in and out and always wants to throw Aspen's diapers away. He is a ball of fun and is very rarely in trouble. He started sleeping in the bunk beds with Hunter about a month ago and hasn't had a bit of trouble.

He loves Scooby Doo, warm milk in his baba, his blue balnkie and thumb, chicken nuggets and playing with all of his friends!

I have included a dew of my favorite pictures through the last 2 years!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Like Having a Barbie!

So everyone had told me that having a girl would be soooo fun. When Aspen was born she got so many cute clothes that she really won't need anything till she is 18months. Well the little fart isn't growing fast enough. She is already 6 months and still barely wears 3-6 month clothes. So I thought she might need a few more things to wear so a shopping I went. I bought the boots before she was born but the dress was too cute to pass up. I feel like I am 5 years old again with Jen playing barbies in our old basement. I thought this picture was too cute to not share!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Week of Halloween!

I don't think we have ever had so much going on for Halloween but we did! It started with our annual tradition of going to my parents the Sunday before for my dads famous potato soup and a costume display of me and Jen's kids. This year they gave Ridge his birthday presents because they will be in Greece for his birthday. Then we carved pumpkins for family night while we learned about the creation (Hunter was quite interested in how Heavenly Father made everything in 6 days). Wednesday night we went with Justin's parents to their ward halloween party and did trunk r' treating there. Then on the big night Justin took the boys out for 2 hours. It was around 50 degree's even in Eden and the kids had a ball. They got way more candy than they needed but had a blast. Hunter was Indiana Jones, Ridge started the week as a super cute duck but when we all laughed at how cute he was he would not put the costume on so I broke out Hunter's old Tigger costume and he loved that. Aspen started as Wonder Woman but my cute neighbor found this little bug outfit and she wore that on Halloween.