Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Week of Halloween!

I don't think we have ever had so much going on for Halloween but we did! It started with our annual tradition of going to my parents the Sunday before for my dads famous potato soup and a costume display of me and Jen's kids. This year they gave Ridge his birthday presents because they will be in Greece for his birthday. Then we carved pumpkins for family night while we learned about the creation (Hunter was quite interested in how Heavenly Father made everything in 6 days). Wednesday night we went with Justin's parents to their ward halloween party and did trunk r' treating there. Then on the big night Justin took the boys out for 2 hours. It was around 50 degree's even in Eden and the kids had a ball. They got way more candy than they needed but had a blast. Hunter was Indiana Jones, Ridge started the week as a super cute duck but when we all laughed at how cute he was he would not put the costume on so I broke out Hunter's old Tigger costume and he loved that. Aspen started as Wonder Woman but my cute neighbor found this little bug outfit and she wore that on Halloween.