Monday, September 22, 2008

Horray for fall!

I just wanted to let everyone know in case your interested that the fall colors in our valley will be at their peak during the next week. If you feel like a gorgeous drive this is the time to take it! And don't forget we love drop bys. We don't get much of those living up here in the sticks!


I just wanted to let everyone know that my baby brother officially is sworn into the United States Army tomarrow morning. He leaves for Ft. Jackson, South Carlolina for 9 weeks of basic training and then to Georgia for 12 weeks of Officer training school. Then to who knows where. The big news is that him and Bethany just found out they were pregnany last week and she is due in May. So please keep them both in your prayers because anyone who has been pregnant before knows how hard it is and I can't imagine doing it without someone to wine to around!

Yes this is my very serious baby brother showing his true colors at the hospital when Aspen was born!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My baby started school!

So September 2nd Hunter started his 1st day of kindergarten. He was more excited about riding the bus than anything but my fealess little man hopped on and never looked back. I even drove over to the school behind the bus and he had gotten off and in the school before I ever got out of my car. I still can't believe I have a child in school. While I was so sad to see him leave my little nest he was so ready to go. On Friday he even got rewarded for being one of the best behaved kids in the class for the week. I know my Hunter is sitting still and listening, its shocking!

I have also included some pictures of a little party we had before school started. At a suggestion of Family Fun magazine we hosted a back to school breakfast for the whole neighborhood. The kids all came over early the Friday before school started for donuts, juice and fruit in their pj's. They had a ball and it was fun to have one last horah before school started! You know I love any chance for a get together!

More Good Days Than Bad!

Well the last week has been one of the hardest of my life. I never thought I would be burrying one of my parents at the age of 28. While we new my mothers death was coming it still was hard for those that she left behind. She had a beautiful service with lots of gorgeous Hawaiian flowers that she would have loved. Although some people thought that my mom would not have enough friends and family to justify a viewing, the line went out the door and down the hall the entire evening. The outpoor of support warmed our hearts. Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern. All 3 of us kids have been overwhelmed by the love so many have shown. My mom lived a several lifetimes of adventures, trials, joys and sadnesses in her short 64 years. I am surprised at what little things seem to remind me of her and flood me with emotion. While our realtionship has been strained much of my adult life it doesn't hurt any less to not have her here. I love you mom!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sad News...

As many of you know my mom has been sick with what we believe to be breast cancer for the past year. She finally lost her battle Wednesday afternoon. Jen, James and I were all at her side as she quietly slipped back into Heavenly Fathers arms. I know my nana and gramps were anxiously awaiting her arrival greeting her with open arms.

I would love to share more with everyone about my mom when I have a bit more time.
To view the obituary visit and find Louise Lundell.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer Projects

We have been busy little bees this summer. I tell Justin all the time I don't know what we would do with our time if we didn't have 1 acre to take care off. This year Justin finally finished our timbers in the front of the house. He had to rent a scissor lift and put 3 pieces of wood in weighing about 200 pounds each. Then we finally stained them (only took us 3 years). Justin also put a water fountain in the back yard for the kids. made out of scrap pipe from an old job. We also finished ladscaping the fron corner of our house that we weren't able to finish the curbing on and grass because an irrigation pipe had to be installed. Justin also built a little landing about 4 feet off the ground in the boys room and is building a ladder up to it. This is Hunter's Lego playing area (I think Justin is living out his childhood dreams through our children) The icing on the cake has been his Theatre room. He has been working on it here and there for 3 years. We finally finished it up and all we need is a screen and we are set to go! good thing winter is coming so Justin can give himself a weekend off. I am just worried when there are no more projects left to do what is going to tear apart and start over on!

Girls Camp & Graduation

I truely feel I have the best calling in the church. I am girls camp Director. I know its hard to believe that I like to be in control (ha, ha) but I have told Justin for years that I would love to be camp Director. So last year I got the calling and I didn't even have to beg for it. I had a whole year to plan and it went wonderful. We were spoiled to be able to stay in a cabin up Monte Cristo. Since my lovely daughter will not take a bottle right now off to camp with me she went. She was the PERFECT little girl. She slept wonderful and even went along on out 6 mile hike. Our camp theme was BOOT Camp. Build On Our Testimonies. I thought it went great, even though we had 3 girls end up not going at the last minute and had to take one home at 3 in the morning after she threw up everywhere (Our fearless priesthood leaders slept through it all). Hopefully next year will be as great!

By baby brother James finally graduated from BYU last month too. He has been working hard (or hardly working) on his degree for the past 5 years. He actually has been living a life many would be jealous of. His passport reads like a novel he has lived in more countries than I can pronounce and has been all over western & eastern Europe. He is off to Basic Training in the Army on the 22nd and then to Officer Training School! Hooaaa!