Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girls Camp & Graduation

I truely feel I have the best calling in the church. I am girls camp Director. I know its hard to believe that I like to be in control (ha, ha) but I have told Justin for years that I would love to be camp Director. So last year I got the calling and I didn't even have to beg for it. I had a whole year to plan and it went wonderful. We were spoiled to be able to stay in a cabin up Monte Cristo. Since my lovely daughter will not take a bottle right now off to camp with me she went. She was the PERFECT little girl. She slept wonderful and even went along on out 6 mile hike. Our camp theme was BOOT Camp. Build On Our Testimonies. I thought it went great, even though we had 3 girls end up not going at the last minute and had to take one home at 3 in the morning after she threw up everywhere (Our fearless priesthood leaders slept through it all). Hopefully next year will be as great!

By baby brother James finally graduated from BYU last month too. He has been working hard (or hardly working) on his degree for the past 5 years. He actually has been living a life many would be jealous of. His passport reads like a novel he has lived in more countries than I can pronounce and has been all over western & eastern Europe. He is off to Basic Training in the Army on the 22nd and then to Officer Training School! Hooaaa!