Thursday, January 14, 2010

They grow up so fast!

I can't believe that Aspen just hit her 20 month birthday. The thought that I already had a 3 month old when Ridge was this age just blows me away. It has not been easy having this 2 17 months apart and it still is hard but as much as I want it to get easier I don't want them to grow up. These pictures Justin took because of these Jammies she is wearing. He LOVES them. The fit her so snug that you can see every curve on her body. Her little belly sticks out with them and dang it is just cute. He had to take pictures because they are finally too small for her. He has pulled them several times out of the bin of clothes to giveaway because they are too small but I have to keep putting them back in. He never wanted to forget how stinking cute she looked in these!