Monday, October 19, 2009

I have to brag just a bit!

So once again I played suzie homemaker this year and canned my little heart out. I started keeping track of everything I did but then there was to much to count. I do have to say that this years salsa I think was the best yet. Note to self though. ALWAYS use gloves when dealing with peppers. I have never had a problem in the past but this year 2 things. I touched the top of Ridge's bottle with my fingers after holding the peppers and then he drank from it and the poor kid cried and cried and I could not figure out what the problem was for the LIFE of me. Well by the night time my hands burned so bad that I actually had to take a benadryl because that is what poison control says to do and after hours of pain if finally felt better. So here is a run down of what I did:
10 bottle of grape jelly
12 bottles gape juice
20 bottles salsa
15 bottles canned tomato's
12 bags frozen corn
5 jars raspberry jam
and a partridge in a pear tree!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Hodge Podge!

All of my kids have loved to ride on the lawnmower with Justin and Aspen just started. With this new mower Justin is actually able to set a car seat on it and then he puts head phones over her ears for the noise. She has been the best rider by far and loves when dad fires the mower up!
Hunter has asked for YEARS to do Karate but with having to drive to Ogden for it and the expense we have just never done it so when the Gym up in the valley started offering it we had to jump on it. He absolutely LOVES it and has already earned his 1st stripe on his white belt. The only thing I hate is that it is Tuesday's and Thursday's at 4pm and he doesn't even get home from school until 3:50 so its a mad dash and on nights that I have shows I don't get to see him much! But its worth it because of how much fun he has!
I realized that I never posted about Hunt's 1st day of school. I will be honest with you the 1st 2 weeks were a nightmare. He HATED going all day but we feel so blessed to have the most amazing teacher in the world and she along with us has really worked with him. I was so worried because we didn't work on his reading as much as we should have during the summer but he has done great and is right where he needs to be. The biggest issue that we have is school lunch. He is such a picky eater that we do have to send a lunch most days and on the days he does eat school lunch I worry he isn't eating enough. I am sure it will get better!
After 9 years of marriage Justin and I finally broke down and bought a TV for our bedroom. We have lived most of our married life with 1 tv in the family room, but we were sick of falling asleep in the basement while watching the news. So now the kids favorite hang out is our bed. I walked in this day and was just tickled by what I saw. Aspen all snuggled up to Hunter and he had his arm around her and all 3 of them were on top of one another! It just was too cute to not share!