Sunday, March 29, 2009

Trouble with a capital T!

Generally where ever you find Ridge you will find Aspen. She has taken to loving her bottle, thumb, blanket and need for mischieve all courtesy of our sweet chub! She now has figured out how to climb up into the cabinets looking for sweet things to eat. Remember she isn't walking and only has 2 teeth, but that doesn't seem to hold her back. I had to add the one of Justin because is the biggest trouble maker of them all!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

These pictures are a couple of weeks old but I just got my hands on them and had to share. Hunter looks forward every year for when Justin's brother, Travis and his family come out from North Carolina. We spend lots of time at my in-laws and my sweet mother in-law Terry feeds us till we are stuffed pigs. (we all gain 5 pounds when they are here) Once again this year we got our annual family ski/snowboard trip in at Snowbasin. Hunter is an incredible boarder (one of the smallest kids on the mountain) and mom does the best she can to hang with everyone. This year we were lucky to have Justin's mom and Sister go with us. I can't wait until next year because chub will be big enough to ski and we can go as a family (well almost!)
Travis and fam is flying into Las Vegas and driving into Lake Powell to spend Easter with us on our houseboat. My kids, including Ridge ask every day how long until we go to "yake powell"!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our sweet little sis!

So I thought I should just brag about my baby girl this post. I took her in for her 10 month well child check up last week and she is up to a whopping 17lbs! We have always joked that she is a peanut but she is only in the 2oth percentile for her weight and 45th for length. She is still wearing her 6-9 month clothes and she just looks so little when she is standing up against things. She still can't seem to crawl like a normal baby, she just army crawls all over the house. She can climb up to things but has no intrest in walking. She is working finally on getting a few more teeth and is eating a bit more table food with them.
I just can't belive that in less than 2 months she is going to be a year old. She is the best baby and everyone that is around her says how pleasant she is. She does love her mama though and I do have to say that it doesn't make me feel too bad that if someone else is holding her and I walk away she cries (I love that she wants me!) Ridge LOVES her and asks every morning "sis wake up yet?" He is always the 1st person in her bedroom to greet her when she gets up.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

You have to get this book!

So I am a freak for systems! I have a filing system, storage system, banking programs in other words I am an oganization freak. The one place I just couldn't seem to get organized in was my budget and paying off debt. I seem to get the job done but I know there is a better way out there to do this. WELL THIS IS IT! This book is amazing it has a debt and budget program in it that actually has me so excited to pay my bills each month (that and bill pay thanks for Jen!) I bought it at Seagull Book for $10. It was worth every penny I spent. I now know exactly the date I will be debt free and what my budget is each and every month so I have something to stick to. It is LDS faith based (it actually was written by some people I know form my childhood ward) but if you aren't LDS it is still worth it. After you read it I want to know what you think!

Speaking of money many of you have asked how Justin's business is doing with the economy. Well we have been so blessed. The condo's he is building is on fire. He has been leaving at 4am the past 2 weeks just to stay caught up. He is picking up little side jobs here and there and we have enough money to pay all of our bills. I have a testimony of tithing. Sometimes it is a hard check to write but I know my family has been more than blessed because of our dedication to the law of tithing! We feel so fortunate for what we have, we have many friends and neighbors who are loosing their homes and businesses because of no fault of their own just with homebuilding not being as good as it was they aren't making it.

The only upside to the economic crap is that my Pampered Chef business it doing amazing. I had the best January and February I have ever had in 6 years. People still have to eat and more and more people are choosing to do that at home! Yes peoples orders are a bit smaller but I have more shows (people want to know how to make budget friendly meals and learn how to save money doing it) and have more people at those shows. Everyone keeps asking me if the economy is hurting me and I am thrilled that I can say no at all!