Monday, August 4, 2008


So a I have cooked corn for dinner a few times this summer. Each time we eat it Ridge looks at us like we are crazy. In the past I have cut his corn off of the cob for him to eat. Well last week I decided that I would stick some prongs in one, butter the sucker up and hand it too him. The kid scarfed it down! (why that comes as a surprise I don't quite know since the kid is huge) I had to cook him a second piece because he liked it so much!

I also have to through in that he is saying the funniest things lately. He says "up dog" for whats up dog. The cousins chant "go Ridge, go Ridge" when ever they play with him so now he says "go Ridge" to himself. Hunter has also taught him that when you jump off of something like the couch you say "dive bomb" well now he says that as he catapults his body off of the couch! There is something everyday with that kid!

Aspen's Blessing

Grandma & Grandpa

Hunter & His Cousins

My Brother James & Aspen

Desi & Aspen

So yesterday we blessed our beautiful baby girl. I have to say it was one for the memory books. During sacrament meeting the power went off over 20 times. It would go off stay off for a few minutes then come back on. So in the middle of the blessing the microphone stopped working while Justin was blessing her. Then in the middle of my testimony it did it again. It was actually a bit funny. The only funny part was that the power finally stayed out for good from about noon till 4pm. So the food that was at home keeping warm didn't stay so warm. But I think everything turned out okay. We were so lucky to have so many family and friends attend. Justin's brother Travis and his family were even here from North Carolina. Aspen was so amazingly good the whole day. She slept in about everyones arms. The older kids had a ball playing in the backyard and on the water slide before a hole tore in it!

A special thanks to my amazing friend Sheila who made her this gorgeous dress!