Monday, August 4, 2008


So a I have cooked corn for dinner a few times this summer. Each time we eat it Ridge looks at us like we are crazy. In the past I have cut his corn off of the cob for him to eat. Well last week I decided that I would stick some prongs in one, butter the sucker up and hand it too him. The kid scarfed it down! (why that comes as a surprise I don't quite know since the kid is huge) I had to cook him a second piece because he liked it so much!

I also have to through in that he is saying the funniest things lately. He says "up dog" for whats up dog. The cousins chant "go Ridge, go Ridge" when ever they play with him so now he says "go Ridge" to himself. Hunter has also taught him that when you jump off of something like the couch you say "dive bomb" well now he says that as he catapults his body off of the couch! There is something everyday with that kid!


Mindy said...

You have an adorable family!!! I didn't know about your mom. I'm so sorry.