Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our sweet little sis!

So I thought I should just brag about my baby girl this post. I took her in for her 10 month well child check up last week and she is up to a whopping 17lbs! We have always joked that she is a peanut but she is only in the 2oth percentile for her weight and 45th for length. She is still wearing her 6-9 month clothes and she just looks so little when she is standing up against things. She still can't seem to crawl like a normal baby, she just army crawls all over the house. She can climb up to things but has no intrest in walking. She is working finally on getting a few more teeth and is eating a bit more table food with them.
I just can't belive that in less than 2 months she is going to be a year old. She is the best baby and everyone that is around her says how pleasant she is. She does love her mama though and I do have to say that it doesn't make me feel too bad that if someone else is holding her and I walk away she cries (I love that she wants me!) Ridge LOVES her and asks every morning "sis wake up yet?" He is always the 1st person in her bedroom to greet her when she gets up.