Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm a a big boy now!!!

Well on Monday our sweet Ridge turned 2! So this gives me a great chance to brag him up a bit. Our sweet boy was born via c-section at 8:47 am on November 10th 2006. He made his debut into the world after a bit of a struggle. He simply didn't want to come out. Even though I had a c-section they couldn't get his bit head out. During my entire pregnancy I kept saying how big he felt in my stomach compared to Hunter. he felt so long and so heavy. The doctor predicted that he would weigh about 7 lbs. I kept telling Justin he is going to be 9 lbs. So after they got him out (after 20 minutes of 2 doctors pushing on my belly and pulling on his head and the use of the vacuum) out he came and the doctor said "you are going to have to name him buba!" He was the baby of my dreams. Anyone who knows me well knows I always talked about wanting a chubby little butterball (just like I was). And guess what he was 9lbs even! The kid was an eater and nursed nonstop for 9 months! He was the brother of Hunter's dreams and they are the cutest little friends. Justin and I are always commenting on how well the play together.

Ridge is the most polite easy child now. He says thank you after dinner, throws away his garbage in the garbage can without being asked, says please for everything, closes the screen door when he goes in and out and always wants to throw Aspen's diapers away. He is a ball of fun and is very rarely in trouble. He started sleeping in the bunk beds with Hunter about a month ago and hasn't had a bit of trouble.

He loves Scooby Doo, warm milk in his baba, his blue balnkie and thumb, chicken nuggets and playing with all of his friends!

I have included a dew of my favorite pictures through the last 2 years!