Friday, May 8, 2009

I Turtle mom!!!

So Ridge is well known for his standing in a corner, raising his body to his tippy toes, and grunting and turning red. You can imagine why he does that right?!?!?!?! Well a couple of days ago I said "Ridge, are you going poop?" and he says "no I turtling" in shock I look at him and say "what????" he says "I turtling" So thinking the worst I call Justin in sheer disgust and say "what are your teaching my son???" now I say this because my boys burb, fart and do all sorts of other yucky bodily noises and laugh because there lovely father has taught them to do so. So I say why wouldn't he teach him this. I am imagining it is in the same reference as the term "prarie dogin" which if you need further elaboration on I would be happy to explain privately. So Justin says "Jori I think he said he is turding" after much thought I think that is probably what he means. So now EVERY time Ridge has a bowel movement he confesses "I turtling!"