Monday, May 18, 2009

The Diva is 1!

I can't believe that Aspen turned 1 on May 1st! More importantly I can't believe we survived a whole year with 3 kids! We had a cozy little party at the house and she got so many cute outfits and toys. My favorite tradition for my kids is me and Justin (yes he is a huge help) make a custom birthday cake. For hers it was a barbie cake. She was so funny about eating it, she just kind of dabbed her little fingers in it and sampled it. She never really dove in. I took her in for her 1 year check up and she is still in the 20th percentile for her weight. She is such a peanut. She is finally starting to stand a bit on her own and I think in the next 6 weeks she will walk. I feel so bad I have all these cute summer outfits and are shorts and she crawls around and cries because her knees hurt because she has no padding. I really am in no hurry for her to walk but it would make things easier for her. She really is a good girl and just figured out the sippy cup this week and thinks that is the cats meow. She loves the juice!
I still love getting her dressed every single day and doing her hair (it is finally long enough for a tiny pony on top) it is like having my own barbie doll! How blessed I am!