Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Festivities

Well Christmas this year was a whirlwind as usual. We went down to Salt Lake on the 23rd and went for Family pictures with all the Tippets on Christmas eve (my brother James is here on leave only for 2 weeks) Then it was the Annual Tippets Christmas party with all of my dads family. Then we dash home to try and get our kids to bed at a decent time. (Aren't they cute int heir matching jammies?!?!) We set up all of santas gifts upstairs (santa doesn't wrap at our house) and we told Hunter that he couldn't come upstairs until we woke up so we could all see the loot together. Justin stayed up till 4am putting together the air hockey table the his mom gave us and at 7am we hear Hunter screaming from the bottom up of the stairs MOM, DAD!!!! Aspen slept through the whole morning wich was just fine with me. The kids were so excited for their presents. Hunter got a wakeboard and a sled that will fit 2 (he asked santa for a sled that him and his brother could both ride), Ridge got a little tykes play house/kitchen set (I know he is a boy but he loves to play pretend and he thinks it is awesome) and Aspen got bedding for her crib. My wonderful husband bought me a BOSCH. I have been told by all of the amazing bread makers in my ward that you have to have a BOSCH to make great bread. That and Justin is sick of eating bread that is more like pound cake!
That evening we went to Justin's moms and the kids got spoiled there with lots of toys and clothes plus she always makes the best Christmas Day food. Then the day after Christmas we went back to my parents and did presents there. The kids got even more presents (there was more than they ever needed this year) and us big kids got an Itouch which was a HIT! Michele makes an awesome snack/dip bar for us all to munch on and we played a Wii all night and then had a big sleep over!
It was so much fun crammed into 4 short days!