Saturday, January 17, 2009

From St. George to Denver!

well our lives have been a whirlwind since Christmas. We decided a few days after Christmas to go to St. George with a few friends for the week. It was great. We shot guns up in the mountains, golfed (Hunt got new clubs for Christmas), swam, shopped, and relaxed. I included a few pictures from that. Then 3 days after we got home I flew off to Denver for a Pampered Chef Leadership convention. I had a few consultants in my downline come and met up with several friends. It is always great for my business to go to these trainings. Its helpful for my selling knowledge as well as training my consultants (I have 22 now)! Plus the best part is that they gave us a raise! Just when people are getting laid of PC dishes out even more money! I truely have the best job!
So 2 other highlights of the trip were we went to the club Coyote Ugly (some of the girls were dying to go) so of course I didn't take my ID because I didn't plan to go anywhere that I would have needed it. So when we walk in the of course ask for it and this huge bouncer picks me up and says anyone who doesn't have ID has to dance on the bar so this is the picture of my shaking my huge booty with all of the cute dancers on the bar. I guess I still have it! I have to say its way more fun to be sober watching all the fools who aren't!

Then the best highlight was that I went to see Josh Pack and family. Many of you know him (his blog is linked to mine) and about his spine injury. Well they are only 10 minutes from my hotel so I extended my trip a day to spend some time with them. I got to love our cute Marne (Josh's sister who is my kids favorite babysitter) and share some laughs with the whole family. I can't imagine being stuck in a hospital bed all day everyday but if anyone's faith and family bond can get them through this their families can!


The Naylors said...

Love the butt shot! I think you still got it!

Mindy said...

You go girl!