Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I keep telling you that you want to live in Eden!

I know most of you have heard it but we have to remind you that we truely live in the best place EVER! We have great neighbors, amazing friends, high caliber schools and the best ward. One thing we love the most about our ward is that we are all very service oriented. It is not uncommon to have a major service project going on monthly. We all help one another LDS or not! Weather it is cutting logs for heat for winter, remodeling a bathroom for a wheelchair bound member, cleaning house and watching kids for a family with a child in the hospital, remodeling a home for and elderly family the list goes on and on. Justin is 1st counselor in the Elder's Quorum and so he is privileged to plan and find a great deal of these service projects. Hunter has helped with dozen's of projects sometimes willingly and sometimes not.

We are blessed to have Hunter's teacher live right at the end of our street. Our prayers were truly answered when he got Mrs. Anderson for 1st grade. Mrs. Anderson's sister Mrs. Cook was Justin's 1st grade teacher and she was his most memorable teacher! Well when Mrs. Anderson needed a new roof the ward and neighborhood was right there to help. So on Halloween Justin and Hunter went down and worked almost 10 hours with alot of others and was able to rip off her old roof and put a new one one. Hunter worked the ENTIRE time. He came home dirtier than I have ever seen him and he loved every minute of it. If I do anything right raising children it will be to teach them the act of service and to do it often.