Monday, November 16, 2009

I am a big boy now!

I can't believe that our little chub turned 3 on the 10th! He had a great party with most of the family and his one little buddy Landon. He has talked about his birthday for months and all he said that he wanted was a Scooby Doo cake. I normally make the kids cakes and love the chance to be creative but he talked about the cake from the store for months so I gave in and got this little round one from Target and then made a Kahlua Chocolate one for everyone else. We gave him a scooter that he just loves and as usual he was spoiled with too much!

Our sweet Ridge truely is a delight to parent. He is our snuggly, cuddly and lovable child. He has more funny sayings than any child I have ever seen and so much personality! He was the baby of my dreams! I also wanted a chubby, round child and the Lord blessed me with my 9lb joy! I love everyday of being his mom and love even better that he says daily "mom your number 1!"