Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Summer Days! A full update!

I am embarrassed to look at our blog and think that it really has been since the 4th of July since I updated! Well we have been busy for a reason and boy have we been having fun. So here is an update of our crazy, busy summer that is coming to an end since Hunter's 1st day of school is today!

This was my last year as Girls Camp Director (they put me in the RS presidency) and I am going to miss it so much! This year because we only had a couple of girls going we did an overnighter in Salt Lake and visited all of the historical sites, made lunch's for the Ronald McDonald house and spent the night at the Marriott (I know aren't we roughing it) It was so much fun to spend time with the great girls!

SO once again this year I made my annual trip to Chicago for Pampered Chef's National Convention! It is a jam packed trip that is full of lots of great training that is so helpful to my business but also a little bit of shopping (did I mention Chicago has great shopping)! This has been my best PC year in the 6 years I have been selling. I think with the economy being so crappy more people are cooking at home and are looking for cheap, great tasting recipes and the awesome tools to cook them with!

Me and one of my super cute consultants Destine!

One of the kids chores this year is to water my flowers in the front yard and almost daily it turns into an excuse to get one another wet. Even Aspen follows the boys outside to join in the fun. Here are a few cute pictures that I caught of them!

Poor Ridge was born just like his dad with NO BUTT! I can not keep a swimsuit on the kid to save my life. But I LOVE the little white butt hanging out the back!

Justin and I have been talking about going to Lava Hot Springs for years with the kids so at the last minute I invited the the whole neighborhood to join us for a weekend camp out and much to our surprise everyone wanted to go. SO with about 7 of our favorite neighborhood families we went for the weekend to Lava. The kids had a ball!

Who knew a $25 slip and slide could be so fun!!! Justin's mom bought the kids the fun toy at summers beginining. The kids were so excited to pull it out and break it in. The boys were right at home and I never thought about even bringing Aspen out to use it. After she woke up one day I brought her out to check on the boys and she crawled right over to it. (still wasn't walking at that point) She slid right down and sat at the bottom of the slide in the freezing cold water and much to my surprise she had a BLAST! She loved every minute of it!

In July we made our Annual trip to Lagoon with Justin's family. Our cute niece Savanah was here from North Carolina and we had so much fun spending time with her! Hunter was finally tall enough to ride some of the BIG rides like Wicked and the roller coaster. Apsen actually was able to ride quite a few and Ridge thought it was GREAT to go on anything that moved!

Savanah was so cute to ride in the cars with Aspen, her long legs didn't even fit, she had to squish in!

All the kids with dad, grandma and cousins on the little tidle wave!

Apsen and Maddie in the boats!

Another place my kids just LOVE is the Roy Aquatic center. So 2 days after Lagoon we went with Justin's family again to the pool. (boy are we lucky for grandma) Ridge is such a fish that he won't leave the water even for a second. And Aspen was just getting ready to walk and loved just splashing around in the pool. Hunter felt so big because he can actually swim this year and loved the freedom to go on the water slides, diving boards and big pool without mom!
Aspen eating her Icee and loving every second!

Jaxon and Ridge
All the cousins having an ice cream
Grandma and Aspen
Mom and Apsen


Mindy said...

Cute, Jori! What a fun summer. I'm so sorry I missed the family thing. I sounds like it was wonderful and you were so great to host everyone. I missed you guys!