Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July 2009

One of our favorite family traditions is the 4th of July. Justin and I decided a long time ago that we were going to stay close to home because of all the fun things to do up in the valley for the 4th. We started off once again this year by heading over to the Huntsville park for a pancake breakfast, carnival rides and games and the famous parade. There honestly is nothing better than a small town parade. Kids on their decorated bikes, 100 year old tractors, civil war ear cannons and muskets and lots of candy.
We were lucky this year to have my great friend Stephanie and her family come for the weekend from Idaho and then my friend April from Morgan and her family come over for dinner. (these are my closeset Pampered Chef buddies, I am so blessed to have them) We spent the rest of day on our deck stuffing ourselves silly with food. The temperature was so nice. It never got above 80 degrees. The kids swam, played and ran crazy!
Then about dusk we took our boat out on Pineview to watch the fireworks from the lake. The kids always look forward to that and we have front row seats to the spectacular show!


The Naylors said...

Do you not let Hunter out for the
4th? Or is he too busy playing to be in the pics? :)

The Naylors said...

Oh and she is so stinkin cute walking! Love it!