Saturday, October 25, 2008

Yes you can tell me I am Betty Crocker!

So I have this sweet neighbor/friend Trisha who has family who have pear & apple tree's and grape vines. So she asked if I wanted to use some of the apples to do applesauce and apple pie filling (I made the most amazing canned filling last year). Well Justin and I have really been trying to get a full year of year supply of food storage so how could I pass it up. Plus I complain all the time at the fact that I pay to buy the food to can when I could already buy it precanned. So I have always canned but this year I have canned more than I ever have. So here is the rundown this far:

5 Pints of Grape Jelly (1st time I have made Jelly and it was YUMMY!)
10 Quarts of Grape Juice (1st time for this too and it was way good with lemonade)
8 Pints of Raspberry Freezer Jam (Hunter calls this my "famous deeeelicious jam"
12 Quarts of Apple Pie filling
10 Quarts of Stewed Tomato's

Still plan to do applesauce and dried apples

This has been so fun, I am starting to get more and more concerned about what food my family eats and where it comes from so to look at my canned food and know that it is so much better for my children. Plus Hunter loves to help and I feel it sets a great example to him!