Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lake Powell

We had so much fun this past week in Lake Powell. We had GORGEOUS weather. Low 80's the whole week. The houseboat ran great and 5 days just didn't seem like quite enough. We were lucky to go with 3 other families in our ward that we just love. Plus my darling sister Misty came as well! I even got my fat butt up skiing after 3 years off due to pregnancies. Hunter got up skiing too and once again was a maniac on the tubes! We only had a few minor issues. Hunter fell into a thorn bush and had to have 100 thorns removed from his hands, then on the last day he was showing off and cracked his head on the concrete. Aspen had a severe diaper rash so bad that we had to go into Page to get some special cream and our sweet Ridge nearly drowned to death in the blink of an eye. Other than that we can't wait to take Stressless out again in the Spring with Justin's family!


The Naylors said...

I sure hope we can come down with you guys sometime... Sounds like you have great neighbors :) When am I gonna see you?