Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update for the Past Week

So its been a fun few days around our house. We started off our 4th of July like every year and headed to the Huntsville Park for breakfast and then a parade. Several years ago Justin and I decided that we wanted to start a tradition with our kids of going to breakfast and watching our small town parade and hanging out all day until fireworks in the park that evening. I am so glad we did. After we left the park that morning Hunter looks at us and says "this is the best day of my life!"

We were lucky to have my brother James and sister-in-law Bethany staying with us that weekend. James just found today that he has been comissioned into the Army and leaves for basic training in Ft. Knox on September 22nd then to Ft. Benning, Georgia in December for Officer Candidate School. After that we are not sure where he will end up but he is so excited and we are excited for him.

The night of the 4th we took our boat out on Pineview with Justin's family and watched fireworks from the boat. It was so fun!

Today Jen and her kids stopped and picked up my mom and they all came up for a fun day of swimming. Mom didn't look good at all today. She looks so swollen especially in her face. Her legs do look better, the edema must be settling down a bit. She just was so mellow not talkative a busy like normal. She just kind of layed around. Her clarity was so-so. She still thinks that Aspen is a boy, its a bit funny with her in all her pink and all.

I do have to make a comment about my cute Hunter. He has been night and day different since those tonsills of his came out. His voice has changed both Justin and I have noticed that. But his attitude and helpfulness have just goine through the roof. He has always been helpful but now he is amazing. In the morning he will get up get Ridge a bottle out of the cupboard, fill it with milk, warm it in the microwave, get Ridge out of the crib (which is no easy task) bring him and the bottle into my room and put him in bed with me. All without being asked. He has offered to help me more than normal and has been so darling with his brother and sister. He told me yesterday "I could just eat Ridge's chubby little cheeks" Where does he get this stuff? He is sleeping in the morning till 8:30 and sometimes 9. And for those of you who know Hunter he is my early riser. I think his tonsils must have caused him alot of discomfort!


Missa said...

Hi Jori! Isn't it wonderful when kids sleep in? Finn used to sleep in, now he's up by 6:30. Eeek!
Your kids are so cute!

The Naylors said...

Hey I forgot to mention how CUTE Aspen's baby announcements are. She is GORGEOUS!