Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to the Windy City.....

I am just getting ready to head out to Chicago for a Pampered Chef convention and realized I needed to make a post this week. I think the best way to sum up my life for the past week or so is something like this, listen to Aspen cry, catch up on my laundry and cleaning, listen to Aspen cry, go to Salt Lake and visit with my fam, listen to Aspen cry the whole time I was there, take the boat out on the lake and not get up skiing again (its been 3 years since I have tried), listen to Apsen cry the whole time on the boat, spend hours working on getting ready for girls camp, listen to Aspen cry. In case you haven't noticed my little monster in sheeps clothing CRIES ALOT! I honeslty think that if I didn't have Pampered Chef one night a week to make me leave I might be writting you from the looney bin right now.

Wish my amazing husband luck with the kidlits. He is always so supportive of me attending these conventions. I promise I make more money with Pampered Chef because I go. (and I keep my sanity for 3 more days) So with 30 bags of breast milk in the freezer and trusty breast pump in tow off I go!