Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poor Aspen!

So I will write more about our trip to Georgia and Lake Powell but thought I would give the 411 on sweet Aspens 2 weeks of Hell! So the day I got back from Georgia Justin said that she had been running a really high fever for the past 24 hours. Well Monday morning she was still miserable with a fever aroun 104 with tylenol. So I took her into the doctor and he said after examining her that she had a infection in her right ear but that she was more sick than that would cause so he said she needed a chest x-ray because her lungs sounded so tight. They also did a UTI test and that came back negative as well as a RSV and FLU test. Both negative. Her chest x-ray confirmed phnemoia in her left lung. So after two shots we were on our way back home from the hospital. Then Tuesday we had to take her back in for him to examine her again and give her a perscription for her earn infection. Then Thursday morning the day we left for Lake Powell she wakes up with a rash. So on our way out of town I take her back to the doc and she now has Rosseolla (I know I spelling all of these medical terms wrong) which is a rash that follows a high fever but not serious and they give us the okay to leave town. So for 5 days in lake powell she is an angel and of course nothing goes wrong because Justin's brother the doctor is right there with her and could look at her if there was (murphy's law!!!) Then Wednesday morning we get up to leave (his brother left the night before) she has a HORRIBLE rash all over her. Very different from the other one the week before. So I call the pediatrician and he says he will wait for us to get back in town to look at her. So we did an 8 hour drive with 1 stop (the kids did great) and get to his office (we looked like a bunch of unshowered white trash, it was quite the picture) and the doctor comes right in because "the nurses say she looks horrible" and low and behold she has a allergic reaction to penicillin. I KNEW THATS WHAT IT WAS! So the sweet thing itches all over her body and the rash gets worse the next day. The pictures I posted are right when we got home, it got worse later. Well that was Wednesday, Friday morning she wakes up and I notice when she breathes her chest is caving in around her ribs. Not good. So I go back to the doctor and after a full examine and breathing treatment, dun dun dun dun...... she has Asthma and is having an asthma attack. And she will have it either till she is 5 or the rest of her life. She we know how to treat her with 2 inhalers twice a day and steroids. I then go back in Saturday for a follow up (she was much better) and have to go back Thursday for another follow up to talk about her long term treatment. Plus she cut 2 new teeth in this time and has had a cold! She also gave me, Hunter, Ridge, Justin's brother and mom her cold too!

So if you aren't keeping track that is 6 visits to the doctor in 10 days, 6 perscriptions, 1 visit to the hospital and 1 very sick little girl. This is what happens when she has never been sick ever before 11 months!

I hope we are over it now and am praying for health!!!!