Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have the stinking cutest kids!

I took these pictures of the kids in the past few weeks and just had to share and give a quick update.
So Aspen and Ridge are the cutest best little friends. As soon as he wakes up in the morning which is about 6:30AM he always asks "sis wake up" When she finally does wake up he is the 1st to go in her room and great her for the morning. He always goes over to where she is playing on the floor and loves on her and plays with her.
Aspen still just has 2 little bottom teeth and looks like a peanut. She is only 17 pounds and will be 10 months on the 1st. She army crawls all over the house and can't seem to get those knees under her and actually do it the right way.
Ridge is a ball of fun. I tell Justin all the time that I want to just bottle him up and keep him like this forever! He is so stinking cute and has the querkiest personality. Yesterday he was walking around the house singing "na na na na I start a fight" (this is the song from PINK)
Hunter has loved the past week. Last Tuesday we got 32 inches of snow in about 12 hours. This kid lives to be outside. These pictures are of one day when he played outside for almost 8 full hours. Only coming in to eat, change clothes and got to the bathroom. I even took a picture of what time it was when he came in. 7pm! He lives to play with his friends. He and Ridge have started actually playing together and play pretty well!


Keeler Klan said...

Jori and Justin-
You do have the cutest stinking kids! I love reading your blog and hope you will invite me to continue viewing! Check out our blog at www.keelerklan.blogspot.com but be warned! I don't update nearly as often as I should. :)

Your cuz,
Amberly (Smith) Keeler