Sunday, June 22, 2008

All About Ridge

Ridge is the most enjoyable and purely delightful child. He hasn't always been that way. But Justin and I commented when he was about 16 months how easy he was getting. There are a few things that Ridge truely loves. At the very top of that list is his blue blanket. Many of you know that he can't sleep or ride in a car with out it. He has become so attached to his "Bankee". With the blanket comes the thumb. We may regret later that he has become so attached to it but I don't see anything wrong with it and he only sucks it when he has the blanket.

The next love Ridge has is food. Now I know that is hard to believe because he is so skinny and all. He is getting pickier as he gets older but there still is alot that he likes. He loves Oreo cookies but the little stinker opens them up eats the cream filling and throws the cookie part on the ground. He loves his bottles of warm milk which he has 3 -4 times a day. He enjoys sweet potato pancakes, moms roast, potatos and gravy, brownies (he gets that from mom), yogurt raisins and much more.

Ridges greatest love is for people. He has so much personality and with that is a love for everyone. There are a few that he worships. His dad is at the top of his list. The kid is amazing he can hear the garage door open and he comes running "dada". He would follow his dad anywhere. He rides on the riding lawn mower with his car seat strapped on the front just to be with his dad. He loves his grandpas. "Panka" (my dad) makes his eyes light up. He will just sit in his arms content as can be (but its even better when panka has some sort of sweet treat he is sharing with him). He also love Grandpa Naeg (Justin's step-dad) and loves to play with him and his dog. Another love of Ridge's is for a good friend of ours Trisha. If she comes over to our home or he sees her at church her runs to her and just throws his arms around her. When she trys to leave he just sobs like he has lost his best friend. I think it is his 1st crush.


The Naylors said...

He is such a sweet boy! With having your hands so full you are lucky to have him.
Is Hunter still doing good from his tonsils?

P.S. --> I love the blog!

Travis Torman said...

1 AM, can't sleep and am realizing how much I miss you guys. I love this blog. I would love to see more Aspen pics. I cant wait to see you guys. Dont' let the kids grow up too fast.